Next Rated Nigerian Rap Artists

  • By Arinzechukwu Patrick


  1. FullEffex:

Have you heard truth by FullEffex featuring Dtruce? I promise that each bar will leave you hanging on for dear life. If you have forgotten what it feels like to listen to Nigerian songs born from an absolute passion for music then pay attention to FullEffex. FullEffex bars are personal and as listen gooseflesh testify. He makes music that hits the soul right, right from the heart to the pad and then into the booth where magic is made. An artist with a mind of his own, an alchemist.

  1. Dtruce:

If you are trying to write a rap verse come with some attitude, come with a personality that people can see when they listen to your songs, or just be Dtruce, except you can’t be Dtruce; even J Cole can’t be like Dtruce, I have heard silly comparisons as such but that is hogwash. Words come easily to Dtruce and that is because Dtruce raps his personality, he is himself and isn’t trying to be like anyone else. I don’t want to pull out his rap card; he has straight A’s in his report.

  1. Damon Grass:

Everybody keeps asking Who Is Damon Grass, well; don’t ever think you are the only basehead who catches on fire so kill the noise. When vibing to rap beat you hear four pulses, the heartbeat. Damon Grass fits in complex sentences in and out the beat, it’s awesome and he does it in a funny way like no effort was needed, he is the shit in Shitta ask Ojuelegba boys. Too much attitude, if it’s that dressing, it’s that sauce, Damon Grass kills it all.

  1. XnO:

XnO is on a stove with the peace sign still in the air. I hope it makes much sense when I say XnO sounds like Black Power because of how he comes so hard with the flows, fist in the air type rap, rough and edgy, Juggernaut type bars coming out and hitting your chest with the ferocity of a gorilla. XnO has extensive flows that stretch for as long as the beat wants to go and when you think he will stop he goes on, expect black out, he is the voice of Gidi.

  1. Sute:

Groove king. I like Sute because he is a musician more than he is a rapper, listening to his tracks I can tell the groove of the beats matter so much more than the rap, the beat and the groove seems to dictates the kind of bars Sute lays down. He’s clearly different, and trippy with the music. Vivid storytelling, wit and imagery are what to expect when you listen to a song by Sute, if you close your eyes you can take a trip into his mind, his thoughts lay where our minds don’t.

  1. Triq:

I know Africans who want to listen to real hip-hop and not the dancerie I see posted up as “rap”, I laugh. It’s here today and gone tomorrow. Finally, there are artists like Triq trying to reach artistic excellence and musical brilliance. I know Triq has what it takes to be the best because his OTA BENGA FLOW is unlike any other kind, its Musical Mechanics. Triq is the product of Kanye West and it’s obvious with his beat selections and big-headed choice of words. He’s thought to provoke and its good, controversy sells.

  1. Mojeed:

Your favourite girl wants to learn how to speak Yoruba because of Mojeed, like who is this westernized African guy? Even his beat selection tells you Mojeed is westernized Artist back to the West to fuse his suave raps (in English, Yoruba and Pidgin), on indigenous instrumentals. Mojeed makes songs that make you not only want to sing along but also to dance, there’s an attitude to his vibes that is very common among Lagosians. I like to call Mojeed’s music swag rap, its Lagos Lifestyle music, it’s underground and it is street, you will love it.

  1. King Jamal:

King Jamal the HitMaker is exactly who he says he is, a hit maker. To me, King Jamal is the Nigerian musical dream, he can sing, rap, he produces and mixes his own songs and what else can one man be in his lifetime? Trap music is the new wave of the internet and even your favourite rapper traps in his spare time, and so if you ever wish to listen to trap music made by Nigerians King Jamal is the man for the job, in fact, I think he is the only artist trapping in Nigeria, join the wave and surf his tracks.

  1. Paybac:

Paybac is a beautiful mess here for your amazement and amusement and true to his words I have not seen anyone rap like Paybac more than how Paybac can rap like himself. And that is not even all, just a tip of the iceberg. Paybac has bars for days; really, he literally and figuratively kills you with kindness with the bars he lays down. His style is entirely his own and 100% full proof. Paybac is a tentacular rapper; his tentacles touch all kinds of moods his songs will take you into, real soulful dude.

  1. Lato:

Lato has only a few records out and he calls every one of them practice, well guess what? Latos’s practice is your favourite rappers’ full-time track. No mixtape out but features and singles here and there but they bring to manifestation his lyrical wavelength, in songs like 6am in Ek Lato goes on spitting extensive bars stacked on top of each other like musical Tetris, he had me turnt-up like Beyoncé in 7/11.


Boogey is angry, not at anybody but the beat. When Boogey starts beating the beat and decides to breathe it’s for only a second and then he resumes business like his lungs is a bag of chips, and that is why you have to listen, he kills it. When you listen to Boogey stay focused, if you miss a breath you might miss a bar and lose him in translation, he force feeds the beat bars until he uses it all, every syllable matters. There have been countless comments about the intensity of Boogey’s rap and how it is not for the weak-minded; his bars are so high the public wants him to bring it down a notch, whatever that means.

  1. YvngPo:

 YvngPo raps affect the brain whether people admit it or not, his flow is immaculate, its rainbow to the Nigerian rap industry which means he only raps after the best have taken their turns. There is clarity in his bars which means everything he says you can hear it clearly, he lays bricks down on the beat like a true bricklayer, like a spoken word poet turned rapper his bars fall out like they’re in stanzas, one sentence after the other until he dishes everything out, it’s something sharper like the wisdom Solomon sang.


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