Dusten Truce: Eden Ep Review

D-truce is the voice of the Nigerian youth, really. Last time I rated him I talked about how when he raps he comes with attitude and a personality that people see when they listen to his songs, that is still relevant today and tomorrow.
Listening to The Eden Ep made me feel like a regular Nigerian Joe trying to make ends meet from sun-up to sun-down, trying to make everything connect, and I will tell you how.
First day Feels like a wake up from a dream, the first day of the rest of your life after you have made it and you can finally rest from the hustle (not really).
First day is the first day living your dreams and realising there is more work to be done.

Adam’s apple: D-truce tells a tale of the regular Joe who goes around town lauding his achievements with pride. It is common to see, and every day. In this song, D-truce warns that pride goes before a fall and Humility is better.

Random afternoon: As a rising star, it is no rumour that D-truce has his eyes out for all the girls in Lagos. Check him on twitter. One random afternoon is D-truce way of telling us about the particulars of a woman he fell temporally in love with.

Sunshine: Right after telling us about his sinful and flirtatious ways D-truce talks about Love, but I did not buy it.

Never around: Every man needs a woman to hold him down but there are not so many who are willing to wait around while he goes about achieving his dreams, even though D-truce is a flirt he holds on to that one woman who has his back.

Lagos Funk: Lasgidi is the city that never sleeps and when you hear the sound of drums from stores at the bus stop, or when you are in the club the funk gets you. The funk got into D-truce on this track and he partied in the booth.

Missing rib: At first, I thought this was another song about a woman, like this guy abeg cool down, but it is something better. Making two ends meet sure feels like you have found your missing rib, and what better name to call achieving your dreams than a missing rib?

Rest and Reminisce: Sometimes we question our very own existence and our capacity to live up to our own expectations before the time of our death. As an ending note, D-truce takes his time to pass a message to youths coming up. He understands that nobody wants to work but yet they want to rest and enjoy remunerations for the lazy efforts, in this song D-truce warns that leading such a life will only lead to a worse end.

Great project, well mixed and mastered and the voice over came out confident. Generally, I expected more rap and less singing but, I wish him growth.

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