Dusten Truce and Jamal Swiss Proudly Presents “Young Kulture”

I am in love with the initiative put together by Dusten Truce and Jamal Swiss in regards to this Young Kulture series of live pop-up concerts, I think events as such as these is what the Nigerian music industry needs for expansive growth and development. In a generation where I am sick and tired of blaming older generation artist about the poor state of the industry, I am more than happy to know the younger generations are not sitting with their feet up in the clouds waiting for change to come, I thank them for that, I doff my heart for a brilliantly innovative idea as such as young Kulture.

What is Young Kulture?

Young Kulture is series of live performances by DTruce and Jamal Swiss featuring young artists of their choice who come out to support them on stage, perform a song or two as spice to the event, a tour in the sense of it, aimed at developing a part of the Nigerian music industry that seemed to be dead and gone or never even existed.

The Nigerian music industry is becoming an independent artist playground with moves being made without or Label backings or company cheques, and it is good, growth will come faster this way.

It is new, fresh and definitely unheard of!

The idea backing Young Kulture is also quite simple, to hold, as many, concerts in various locations around Lagos and to encourage Local (and international hopefully) tours by young music Artists in the Nigerian entertainment industry. A new twist to keep the music culture moving is long overdue and as we know it, Young Kulture is in its fourth installment with pregnant dreams of pushing itself beyond the Nigerian borders, Already the show has featured a number of artists such as Odunsi the engine, 3rty, Kid Marley, Cat Mayel and D.J Joey.

Keep fingers crossed for the more to come.



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