We feel every rapper should take Fulleffex advice and #Changeyourdealer

Fulleffex new dealer must be dealing him some hydroponic weed because his new mixtape #Changeyourdealer feels like he is on a new high. The first track calls for you to roll up and get on his level, the style of beats is elevated, the rhymes are mature and fluid. We were not ready, it is a killah. 

Seven is the number of tracks on this God body of work, I don’t know if it means anything but being that all the joints on the mixtape are on wax, I say kudos for a great creation. 

Fulleffex is upset, obviously. He is upset that most rappers claim to be what they are not and easily follow trends. As a rapper in the industry Fulleffex is mad that there aren’t any good enough competition to motivate him to spit harder bars (we are so shook right now, bro, what do you mean Fulleffex?), this can mean he considers himself the best rapper currently doing it. Even though he has Paybac and Lato on a track (Chances) even though Milli just dropped his “Childish” work, King Jamal just released a 21 tracks mixtape, Ota Benga put out While you were sleeping (Wyws)  and fulleffex still feels rappers are not killing it enough. 


I say no more, vibe to this. (This is a leak, out 9.9.2017 on iTunes)

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