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Nigerians want to listen to real hip-hop music and not the simple sounds being put up as “rap” which is here today and gone tomorrow like the wind. And about that…there is good news; there is hope for the culture. While you are sleeping Triq is working on his new mixtape titled “Why you were sleeping.”

Triq has been off the radar working hard on his full lenght Mixtape. You must have heard of him through his wavy internet campaigns. As an artist Triq has insane publicity concepts; a good example was his past online campaign for OTA BENGA FLOW with images flooding the web of people claiming to be Ota Benga. I have listened to the first single off the upcoming mixtape and it is titled “Sixteen” and trust me, it has a lot of sixteens in it. Triq promises that the mixtape will sound like an album to enable him get a passage to play among the greats, get endorsed, etc. I know he has to walk on water to cross that river but I trust in his abilities as an upcoming and promising Nigerian Rap artist.

#WYWS follow the hashtag!

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