Simi’s long awaited debut album is finally out but we will like it to go back inside

Simi of the X3M crew long awaited debut album is finally out but we will like it to go back inside the studio. Seriously. The album art is her lying down on the bed, with a smile on her face, and her legs crossed in the air. Cute, something that gives off a Dido feel but not that… anyway. The album is made up of thirteen owambe-type songs about learning how to love ( a song about humanity?) wanting love but not wanting it, being in love, heart break, break up, hip-hop hurray, relationships (what does she actually want?) semi-okay lyrics, auto tuning and nasal singing. Subpar, I am listening to the album and thinking to myself:

what is this nonsense?

I was unable to find the message on the album.

I am actually bellyful of Nigerian Artists having the talent and feeling like because they do they do not need to put in any more work to make the craft better. What have we done to deserve this pangolo music that studied abroad? It is sad to serve fans a remake of a style of music that has been recycled over and over again. And I am offended by the many pastiches, like Drew featuring Ebenezer Obey’s “Amaisiko”, just like Jesse Jags did with Lighthouse Ocean drive in “Best in you” on his Odysseus album. 

Simi in chemistry struck most Nigerians as a millennial vocalist who has the range, but now that she has a range she can barely write a song without doing a cover of another song. Also, I am of the opinion that Simi and Adekunle Gold are one and the same person musically and so one of them has to resign, just to save Nigerian youths the time. They make the same “tell them what they wish to hear the inspirational music” That “all the mommy all the daddy, brothers and sisters” kind of music. And there is nothing bad about that but,

To make sure I was not being biased I listened to her Chemistry with Falz and then gave the album another listen.


However, the production on the album is top notch, the instruments mash up is nice and despite how I feel about the album watching live performances of the songs will not be a bad idea! I enjoyed the coordination and the way Simi glides on tracks, especially, (8) Take me back featuring Adekunle Gold, (6) Original baby (3) Aimasiko

I was wondering why we got bonus tracks but if not for anything, the final track  (10) “Love don’t care” made me feel a lot of warmth inside.

Maybe the album will grow on me.


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