WallFlower EP (Review)

It is not complicated how I am up at midnight to listen and twirl to Moonchild by Lady Donli with a blunt in hand. I have been thinking about this review for a while and I apologize for its lateness, I have been carrying with me the rhythm of Lady Donli’s soul while searching earth for the right words to say.

I love Soul, I love Neo-soul, I love Trance-music, that groove you feel when you around Osun worshipers, I love vibes and psychedelic trips.

The Ep that is Wallflower begins with “Fly on the wall” a song to listen to when your spirit is down, it is a track filled with light and love that gets your feet moving slightly and your head bobbing with no effort, it just comes to you as you let the sounds breathe in your heart. Trust my words or listen and hear for yourself.

What do you know about Alice? wonderland? yes, and that is how Alice, the second track on Wallflower hits me, like I am in wonderland, Tay Iwar did wonders producing the beat for the magic spells Lady Donli laid down.

Men lie and women lie and that is not new to anyone, but Lady Donli said it differently with a fresh perspective and sound on Lie to me (what demon made by the union of a man and woman engineered the beat for the song!?), featuring Odunsi, lie to me is also one of my favorite songs from the Ep, I like Odunsi’s entrance into the song and his back up vocals.

Water trickling down from the fountain of youth is what the beat of Bobby Bobby sounds like, the bass hits right and Lady Donli hits it right back with soft carefree-lackadaisical voicing. I think she knows, she knows she doesn’t have to do or say much to make a hit, she just twirls her voice around a beat and its a hit, just like that, flick-of-da-wrist.

Welcome to Neo-Soul of the new generation brought to you by yours truly, Lady Donli. Welcome To Wallflower, the 3rd Installment to her musical journey.

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