How Good is Damon Grass?

  • By Arinzechukwu Patrick

Damon Grass

Can anyone care to comment on the fact that Africans don’t listen to rap music made by Africans in Africa? Not YBNL, Vic O, or Aka; I heard on twitter they don’t have the range. The habit of looking at what is foreign has limited our vision, so many diamonds in the rough at home.

If you’re a fan of good rap music I implore you, this is not a good look for us. Let us hype our local rappers like we do rappers overseas.

It’s a different reality.

I will only talk about it if it matters in the Nigerian underground rap music scene. I started with Dusten Truce, Lato, FullEffex, and King Jamal, Paybac and Sute. I give you Damon Grass.

Who is Damon Grass?

Jimi Lawal was born May 31st in Miami, Florida, but grew up in Surulere, Lagos. He is a computer engineering graduate from Ajayi Crowther University.

Some people get in tune with the infinite earlier and so did Damon Grass. His first freestyle was at the age of eight, imagine that? It was inspired by bow wow on Romeo’s crib way back when.

He never stopped, he practised. He won the edition of Don Jazzy’s enigma beat competition in 2011and ever since dreams of winning the Grammy. Those are his words, not mine; I don’t know possible that is when Africans won’t listen to Africans. This rapper Damon Grass claims to make rap work and offers to teach because nobody can, he says: “I will tell the greatest story ever told.” But he has some challenges: Nobody listens.

When vibing to rap beat you hear four pulses, the heartbeat. Damon fits in complex sentences in and out the beat, it’s awesome. He does gritty and hard-core rap but I like him more on simple type beats, I hate when artist hide behind snares and heavy chords.

Damon Grass has released a collection of songs on SoundCloud that I listened to; he grouped them together to make a semi mixtape called in the cookie jar. I love Call in, Jordan Numbers, Confetti, Young Kings.

And yes! DGKTA COMING SOON! (Damon Grass Kill Them All) Damon has been holding fans down while he puts the finishing touches on his long-awaited Victory project.

Listening to his music I can tell some of his influences included Eminem, Lil Wayne, Jay-z and Kanye, he could be better.

Connect with him on Twitter: DxmxnGrxss

SoundClound: Damon-grass

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