MI Abaga: 10 reasons why Vic O is the greatest

  • By Damilare

Vic O was at it again yesterday when he released a cover to Adele’s chart topping single “Hello” .


The hello fever has been in the air for a few weeks now with several Nigerian artistes ,most notably Omawumi , Ruby Gyang , Niyola and Praiz   releasing their versions. Now it seems everyone is having a go at this record breaking Single by British singer Adele , I am currently trying to release my own version featuring a few of my friends , if you want to hear it , you will have to wait forever lol .

Nigeria’s self acclaimed “KING OF RAP” then decided to release his own version of “Hello” , the song dropped and as always , VIC O started to trend .

The song received majorly bad reviews , some just decided to see the funny aspect of it all.  To be honest , Vic O is a terrible terrible singer , but you cannot  but admire his ability to draw everyone’s attention to himself with almost everything he does . Personally , i feel he is “the king of Publicity ” . Artistes most times pay for people to tweet their songs so it can trend , Vic O drops anything and its all over .

Chocolate City Boss MI Abaga then sent out a surprising tweet saying Vic O is the greatest.

This coming from him, a respected rapper ,was surprising to say the least , then he went on to Give us 10 reasons why Vic O is the greatest , some reasons were funny , some were obvious , and some , you just have to use your sense of  judgement to decide if MI was praising or trolling Vic O.


 Here are the 10 reasons.


1. @VICOTVS Hello cover isn’t a cover.. It’s the original  

  2. When @VICOTVS says hello on his Hello cover.. He is actually saying Ello with a Yoruba accent .

  3. @VICOTVS came to Nigeria and called out all the rappers.. No one responded.. 

Some numbers were repeated twice but if you count well you will see MI gave a total of 10 reasons .

What do you think about Vic O ‘s Hello Cover ?

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