Humblesmith Says The Remix Of Osinachi Changed His Career

  • By Olamide Onipede

Humblesmith ft. Davido – Osinachi (Remix) {B-T-S Video}

Fast rising singer, Humblesmith is one artist that would be grateful to Davido for all he has done for him. In a recent interview he spoke about how Davido called him to be on the remix of the song and how it changed his life, the singer also said Davido didn’t insult anyone on the song. Read excerpts from the interview below:

“I don’t think he insulted anybody in the song. Music is life, it is reality. It lets people know what is happening in your life. Davido said ‘My humble father Sinachi, my loving daughter sinachi, Dele Momodu sinachi, no be by force to go Dubai’. That is what is trending in his life. Don’t forget that there is a place he said ‘I forgive and forget.”

Also denying reports that he was paid, Humblesmith said “that is social media for you. I did not pay Davido and he did not pay me also.”

He stated that Davido only commended him on the song and said he would love to do a remix with him, which he gladly obliged as a preface to a sustainable professional relationship.
In 2016 Davido called, I will love to jump on your song. Let us make a remix of Osinachi. It was amazing to hear such news. We jumped. We danced, we celebrated in the house. We popped Champagne. There was this drink one of my neighbours gave to me on 25th of December, I left the drink in the fridge until that day Davido called. It was the drink that we opened that day to celebrate with. We were like Na So Life Be? I was happy.
As he called for the remix, we no waste time. We went straight and we got the song recorded and all that. Under 5 days we recorded the song, we dropped the song and we shot the video. Its been the greatest thing for me. I thank God for that. I never thought I never for my life thought I was going to achieve something like that, under 5 days.

How did he take all the negative comments of people on line?

“I am aware that people have been saying all sorts of thrash that my having Davido on the song is not good, that he spoilt the song. Yet, there are others who say we love the remix more than the old one. That is it. I don’t mind people talking about me and the song. I have come to learn that if people don’t talk about you then you are nobody. For people to spend their time that they should have used for other things to criticise me and talk about me, means I am worth it. Life is a thing of choice. We balanced the whole thing for them. We have the original version with Phyno and we have the remix with Davido. If you choose the one with Phyno thank you. If you choose the one with Davido God bless you. God has used Davido to bless my hardwork. You can’t question God. Trust me, God has his own way of blessing people. God can use anything to bless you. Most times things fall apart for better things to fall together.


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