L.A.T.O “LA F.L.A.M.E”

  • By Arinzechukwu Patrick

Hi kids, do you like drugs, unprotected sex and everything risky? Then you are on your way to liking Lato. He isn’t much of a talker and so I got no TMI. But, only a few introductions are needed, If you know Fulleffex or Truce, then you should have heard a verse or two by Lato. 

Known by the Moniker L.A.T.O, the rapper’s real name is Lato Osaretin, he’s an underground rapper born, raised and based in the Ancient Benin City, Nigeria, West Africa. _20160617_100304 Lato has been off and on the music scene since his first official single “Diamonds” in 2013, there he sampled Rihanna’s Diamond song and did okay for a debut single.  You can tell his voice hadn’t been refined or trained, but in songs like 6AM in Ek, or Initiation, Lato came almost fully made. It’s hard to choose a favourite Lato single, I love all his rap. I love rap music and whatever narrative it takes, I’m  about delivery and bars, complex, punny or just good old rhyme skills. Everybody knows its hard to fit everything in sixteen bars, but Lato delivers. Like I always say, don’t believe the hype, but believe this hype. 

Lato credits his biggest rap influence to Black hippy and Drake,  J Cole & Dreamville, especially Bas, you can tell if you fiend. He also relies on music from The Weeknd, Fela, 2baba amongst others to distinguish his style. Lato is 1/4 of the underground rap group G.A.D which consists fellow rappers TKO, Fulleffex, and Mystro(Orji), all the rappers affiliated with this group are hot. 

Not much in the woodshed but Lato has five songs under his belt. Unlike the flexibility of most rappers who are graduates or college, dropouts have, he doesn’t. Currently, Lato is still a student at the University of Benin  and only dabbles in music when he can. 

Download most of his songs with this link:    Social Media accounts Facebook: Osaretin Tiniblaze Lato Twitter: @L_A_T_O 

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