Talk To The One That They Call PAYBAC!

  • By Arinzechukwu Patrick


Caleb Iboro-Obong “PayBac” Hanson is a 25-year-old hip-hop artist from Akwa-Ibom, Cross River, but bred in Lasgidi. I first heard of him when he began an ad campaign for the Broken Speaker Symphony with Charlie X, what drew my attention was the album art and the official Paybac logo, the mask. Loved it. Loved the fact that he pays attention to details necessary for rap music, dope franchise player lyrical content, good mixing and mastering, delivery, album art,what else?

Songs I like off his mixtapes are everything because since I was born and now that I am growing old, I never heard anyone in Nigeria rap sleek. I loved “The bad bitch song”, “Paybac’s Volvo music”, “Waiting game” featuring Yung PO and Boogey,  “Beautiful seed”. I liked “Prisoner”, “The Hare and The Tortoise”, “Cabman” and “Weapon in my hand” off The Iboro Tape. Off the Other Side of The Radio mixtape, I liked “Written in the cowries”, “The Cougar song” Featuring Rexx, “The River Niger and Benue song“, “Stressing” featuring Yung Soss, “Cracks In My Mask” featuring the beautiful Christine Ben Ameh, Believe me it’s hard for me to choose, Paybac is Nas in 93, Jay on reasonable doubt, he’s Eminem at ruckus ripping records popping E.

One random Lagos day somehow the rapper stumbled on the Hennessey pre-cypher and jumped in to show his rhyme skills and earned his spot and a name. I watched the video, and beside Ozone and Juggernaut, Paybac was it for me, Vector tha Viper did okay. Hennessy chopped Paybac’s verse, though, pity, they couldn’t compromise or stand the competition.

Paybac songs have vivid stories, he limns with the lines and you’ve got to love it. And you need the practice to achieve this, passionate practice. 

Talk about practice,  PayBac has been featured on songs with Fuji rapper Reminisce, the Benue native known for her soothing vocals and distinct style Ruby Gyang, and Boogey. He released three projects back to back, Broken Speaker SymphonyThe Other Side of the Radio with Charlie X and The Iboro Tape. As well as a joint album with Boogey called “The Lost And Found” which as you already know put numbers on the board. Currently, the talented rapper is working on a new E.P that I know have vibes on it, “Frank Ocean Type beats” EP comes out during the last week of this month. Please help me tell someone to tell someone to tell someone.IMG_20160629_094125The personality that is PayBac is influenced by Nas, Jay-z, Eminem, Biggie, Pac, André 3000, and recently Kendrick Lamar, Drake, and J Cole. He has also been influenced by the Beatles, Bob Marley, Bob Dylan and lot of other music greats   Visit for more.

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